Tijuana’s most valuable resource is our People

Manufacturing know-how and world-class production systems, brought to the region over the last 50 years by hundred of companies, make Tijuana´s workforce highly advanced, competitive and able to perform in a uniquely flexible world-class manufacturing environment. Our people can produce anything from consumer electronics to sophisticated medical devices while achieving operational excellence that exceeds global standards.

According to Mexico´s Social Security Institute (Known as IMSS), manufacturing activity accounts for 51% of formal employment in Tijuana.


Tijuana is the most populous city of Baja California with an estimated 1.6 million inhabitants in 2014. With a growth rate of 5.2% per year, it is the fastest growing city in the state. (Source CONAPO, 2014)

Tijuana´s population is diverse, comprised mainly of immigrants with a strong willingness to succeed. That willingness has allowed the immigrant community to successfully adapt and embrace change in a dynamic manufacturing environment.


The State of Baja California invests more in education than any other state in Mexico, building an educated, bilingual and multicultural talent pool. In the last year alone, more than 18,600 students received undergraduate degrees in the state.

Tijuana has more than 35 public and private universities and 186 technical and high schools that offer accredited programs in engineering, sciences, IT, business and many other areas.

  • Tijuana is not just a source of lower cost labor and maquiladoras where finished products are assembled from imported components; it has an abundance of engineers, doctors, and other highly skilled people. More than 83,000 students are enrolled in its more than 35 public and private universities, 14 technical schools, and 57 high schools.

    Creative Class Group Border Barriers to Binational Promise report

Tijuana Engineering Talent

According to Baja California State Education Department, over 14,000 students in Tijuana are enrolled in Engineering and technical programs in the last year.

Universities have developed programs tailored to industry´s needs, there is a strong university-industry linkage that provides students with real on-the-job experience while companies develop engineering and technical talent that meet the skills and knowledge they require.

Has established partnerships with local universities that, through internship programs, identify skilled engineering students who later are invited to join the company. They also collaborate closely with other R&D centers such as CICESE and UABC on research and development of new technology.

A medical device manufacturer with presence in Tijuana for more than 17 years, provides support for the Technological University of Tijuana (Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana) through grants for engineering scholarships as well as for the purchase of manufacturing equipment for students studying industrial processes and operations.

Moreover, Tijuana’s talent takes advantage of being next-door to San Diego’s institutions through partnership programs between Tijuana and San Diego universities that allow students to engage in programs or participate in joint research projects.

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