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Industrial parks: Mexico has available space for companies

If moving your factory to another country seems like an interesting choice, it’s important to analyze the industrial parks: Mexico has enough space for you.
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Companies should always look for new options in order to motivate growth and better opportunities. Nowadays, the productivity of a company is not only defined by the hard work of its people, but also by external conditions that can’t be controlled by the owner or even employees.

These conditions are more important than one might think; if you are considering a place abroad to set up your company and aim for improvement, let us say that there are foreign companies with the kind of benefits that your company deserves, such as location, commercial relationships, and industrial parks: Mexico is a great option and here we will tell you why.

Industrial space

There are many industrial parks and buildings in Mexico to choose from; if your company decides this is the place to settle down, please know that space is more than enough. The important thing every investor should do is to always consider the company’s needs, as well as its objectives, in order to make an appropriate decision.

Let’s take Tijuana’s industrial space as an example:
  • Total: 69.3 million ft²
  • Available: 3.7 million ft²
  • 65 industrial parks
  • 923+ buildings


Mexico has an excellent (if not the best) location in the globe to do business. First of all, it shares a border with the United States. This means that products can cross both ways with no problem; cities like Tijuana, for example, can start their way towards the US and arrive in less than an hour, depending on the traffic. Also, Mexico’s geographic location allows it to have great aerial and maritime connections.


Once a foreign company is settled in Mexico, the real deal starts when they discover how fast the production and delivery flow is. For example, Tijuana is on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and it’s close to four ports that are even connected to Asia; also its highways make it possible to reach quickly other parts of the city and the United States.

There are many other things to say about the industrial parks in Mexico. Do you want to know them? Contact Tijuana EDC and we will make sure to provide all the necessary information to make a wise decision and start investing in Mexico.

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