Foreign manufacturing plants: Tijuana as a case of success


If you want to know more about manufacturing plants, Tijuana is the best example to examine in Mexico. It assembles and manufactures products for every industry cluster, and provides quality at a low cost.

As business experts, we want to share the fact that Tijuana is a case of manufacturing success, and that you should consider it to invest, live and grow. Let’s talk about the reasons why this city can give you everything you expect to reach success.

Maquiladora: manufacturing plants in Mexico

First of all, maquiladoras are one of the best deals that you can get to do business. It consists of a national program that exempts companies from paying taxes or fees for temporarily imported materials to manufacture and to export to another country.

Although this is not exclusive of Tijuana, the local government seeks to collaborate with investors. They can add fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, as well as reach agreements that benefit both government and companies.

Why should I settle abroad?

Manufacturing abroad is not an obligation; nevertheless, companies should always look aim for growth, so making this decision is convenient for them. When factories move to a foreign country is to get lower costs, to speed up delivery or supply processes, to improve product’s quality and to get more profits. This is basically what you would get, depending on the chosen country and your objectives.

The industry in Tijuana


More than 565 companies have chosen Tijuana to start a business and to get convenient and efficient results. The medical device, aerospace, automotive, electronics and contract manufacturing industries here are some of the most successful in the world. This is explained by many factors:

  • Location: Proximity to four ports and the shared border with the US speed up the reception and delivery of materials, products and devices
  • Low cost: The salary of workers is lower, which represents a profit for the company, although they get the same or better quality than any other country
  • University programs: People are always seeking to improve themselves, and the university and professional programs in the region make it possible
  • Manufacturing ability: Processes are carried out under international standards; besides, workers are skilled, respectful and committed

Tijuana has been a successful case for many years, and we at Tijuana EDC make sure to inform foreign investors about this. If you have any questions or would like to get more information about the city,