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What Is Supply Chain Integration? Opportunities in Mexico

What is supply chain integration? Learn more about the future of logistics and how your company can benefit from efficient supply chain practices in Mexico.
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What is supply chain integration? Supply chains are networks of companies, resources, and activities involved in the production, distribution, and delivery of goods and services to customers. They are essential in the process of converting raw materials into final products by connecting material providers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

They allow cost reduction by dividing this full chain into efficient nodes, and thanks to globalization, nowadays they are mostly international. As efficient as these networks are for local and global markets, they face multiple challenges that can be reduced by supply chain integration.

Supply Chain Integration: Next-Generation Logistics


What is supply chain integration? As international demand requires more efficient deliveries, as well as more competitive products, supply chain integration is a strategy that allows this by establishing a single system of information and communication between all the stakeholders involved in the manufacturing and delivery of a product, from the raw materials supplier to the final customer. By coordinating multiple companies and industries in real-time, costs are further reduced and efficiency is improved overall within supply chains.

Supply chain integration involves common goals, high efficiency, and a lot of information sharing mainly through IT solutions. The use of technology allows communication and transparency, which is useful internally and for communicating about the processes externally with customers. All of this makes for more efficient logistics, by ensuring the efficient flow of goods and services.

Integrate Your Supply Chain from Mexico Through It Solutions

Doing business in Mexico is well known for the country’s strategic location and manufacturing capabilities. Through its IMMEX program, maquiladoras in Mexico offer attractive contract manufacturing solutions that can be integrated to supply chains through the use of technology. Particularly, Tijuana offers a wide array of software development & IT solutions, mainly focused on manufacturing industries. Over 500 hundred Contract Manufacturing companies use these services in the region.

Tijuana has over 30 companies certified in quality software development CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) 1-5 level, ISO and AGILE, SCRUM models. Also, Mexico’s software and IT development is cost-effective, compared with the USA. Also, this sector grows approximately 11% a year, making it a high-growth industry.

Be a Part of Highly Efficient Supply Chains

Baja California is a popular destination for foreign investment in Mexico, and that’s no surprise because of the following:

  • 1 state exporter manufacturer in Mexico
  • +150 contract manufacturing companies and +120 industrial parks
  • +60 Years of manufacturing experience
  • X3 Seaports available (San Diego, Long Beach & Ensenada)
  • X5 Ports of entry to the US (a sixth one under construction)
  • X3 International airports (San Diego, Tijuana & Mexicali)
  • 29 Agreements for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investment (APPRIs) with 30 countries
  • 14 Free Trade Agreements in Mexico with 50 countries

Leveraging these qualities and its growing IT industry makes for good business opportunities in Mexico.

Supply chain integration enhances logistics efficiency by establishing real-time communication and information sharing among all links in the chain. Mexico, particularly Baja California, offers attractive opportunities for integrating supply chains. With its strategic location, manufacturing capabilities, as well as Contract Manufacturing solutions and software development expertise, businesses can benefit from efficient operations.

If you want to be a part of Mexico’s international commerce growth, Tijuana EDC’s specialized business consulting and logistics services will be your best ally.

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