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Where Are The Maquiladoras Located In Mexico? Tijuana’s Case

Where are the maquiladoras located in Mexico? If you want to find the perfect place to set up your plant in this country, let us tell you why Tijuana is the one.
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Where are the maquiladoras located in Mexico? Maquiladoras can be found in any Mexican city. Nevertheless, the features of each one and the benefits they can provide change drastically depending on the location. Foreign investors must find a place that gives them all the benefits; therefore, we will talk about Tijuana’s case and why its location is the best.

Benefits of Each Location

The manufacturing scenario in Mexico is very favorable. The maquiladora program gives a great advantage to foreign companies: they can invest in the country while improving their production and increasing earnings. The truth is that every city has its own benefits, and most of them vary depending on the location. While they are in the same country, Mexico is a big territory that provides different features to each state or city.

In this sense, company owners must look for the right place to settle, and that is the one with all the benefits. As experts in economic development and the manufacturing industry, we can tell you that Tijuana has everything you expect.

The Perfect Location


Tijuana is located in the northwest of the country. It shares a border with San Diego, California in the United States, and a coastline in the Pacific Ocean. That is right; the geographic features of Tijuana make it a wonderful place to do business. One reason is that, since the U.S. has most of the maquiladora companies in Mexico, its proximity to Tijuana improves the delivery times and the communication between both countries.

Also, being a coastal city means that it can ship finished goods by sea; in fact, Tijuana has access to four nearby ports, making it a strategic point to improve logistics, avoid setbacks and deliver on time, as well as save resources.

Manufacture in Tijuana

Infrastructure is an important part of Tijuana’s advantages, but there is also quality and competitiveness. A bilingual, talented, and careful workforce strengthens the manufacturing environment of Tijuana. Getting quality in every product is the main goal, but if you can get it at a competitive cost, the benefit is even greater.

If you would like to receive more information about Tijuana’s strategic location, contact us. We will help you gather all the relevant information and will advise you on the necessary matters.

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