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Advanced Manufacturing in Tijuana and Industrial Clusters

The environment, results and industrial clusters of advanced manufacturing in Tijuana provide great opportunities for your company. Get to know them here!
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Productivity is at the top of the list of priorities for any industry. When you are in charge of a company, making the correct decisions will define its future. Therefore, at some point, companies will face the opportunity to grow in a different country in order to reach this productivity and maximize it for the industry’s well-being.

If you want to get more information on advanced manufacturing in Tijuana, it is essential to be familiar with the industrial clusters that make it up. As experts in the manufacturing industry and international business, our duty is to give you proper information. Let’s learn more about this city’s environment and decide if your company will cover its need here.

Aerospace industry

If your idea is to find a place with lower costs than others, Tijuana is the place. It hosts four times the aerospace sector in Mexico, and there are more than 45 companies in this cluster settled here. Some of the reasons are the industrial space, the market access, and the experience, but also the cost savings due to the services and labor costs, among others.

Medical device manufacturing

Setting up a company here reduces the operation costs almost to half, and the salaries of workers are some of the most competitive worldwide, without having to sacrifice quality in results. Foreign investors have relied on Tijuana because companies here work under global regulations and standards, which means that the products fabricated and assembled here are qualified.

Automotive industry

The auto parts assembly and production of your company can get a significant improvement in Tijuana. Its strategic location provides access to four major seaports in the Pacific Ocean, which are also connected to the global markets of the world. The products made here start from truck racks to safety belts, showing its manufacturing capability. Tijuana has the necessary elements to keep the automotive industry operating with excellent results.

Electronics manufacturing

Effectiveness, quality, speed, and quantity are attributes that the manufacturing environment in Tijuana guarantees for the electronics cluster. The city has more than 30 years of experience, 60,000 employees, and more than 122 companies dedicated to electronics manufacturing. With the capacity of Tijuana, you will be able to increase your productivity at the same time as your earnings.

Contract manufacturing

If it were not enough, Tijuana offers great conditions for foreign investors that want to cover their contract manufacturing needs with the best results. There are 100+ companies in the cluster settled here, and their solutions range from mechanical assembly, plastics prototyping, and sewing, to product integration and metal mechanics. The maquiladora program provides important benefits that certainly improve the profits of contracts manufacturers deciding to set up their company in this city.

The abovementioned are only a part of the advantages Tijuana offers for foreign investors. If you are interested in the city’s advanced manufacturing and the complete data of each industrial cluster, contact us. We will provide you with the whole information that can make an important positive difference in deciding if you want to make business in the region. Contact us!

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