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What Makes a Successful Medical Product? Manufacturing

With new technology and the evolution of devices, what makes a successful medical product may depend on your manufacturing team. Learn more about it here.
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Creating a new medical product or instrument involves many steps, from the initial idea to the final product. Every year, companies invest billions of dollars in investigation and growth in this industry worldwide.

But what makes a successful medical product? First, all parties involved with the new product or device (engineering, technical documentation, trade and sales, diffusion members, and customer support) must collaborate and be aligned.

Successful product launches are usually estimated by retrieval on investment, market share, customer satisfaction, and awareness.

Let’s look at four thriving medical product launch characteristics and outcomes.

1. The “3 Is” Process


Several universities around the world are now developing entrepreneurship training programs focused on preparing young innovators of biomedical technologies.

Their direct approach is an upfront emphasis on identifying and characterizing the clinical need instead of beginning with promising technology.

During their training, innovators follow the “3 Is” process to evaluate and decode needs in specific clinical areas. The three stages are: Identify, Invent, and Implement.

2. Find the Best Medical Device Manufacturing

It is not just about quality and prizing; the characteristics of your company demand priority assistance, market knowledge, and experience.

At Tijuana EDC, we study the different industry clusters and the specifications of each one deeply to let you analyze contract manufacturing solutions.

Tijuana has decades of manufacturing experience, which makes it the ideal choice and destination to develop medical device products and components. Plus, starting a business in Mexico equals a low-cost manufacturing benefit and high-quality results.

What do you need? Surgical equipment, catheters, pacemaker parts, orthopedic devices, or defibrillators? Everything is manufactured and assembled here.

3. Create a Product Launch Plan

During this phase, it is critical to include information from all fields involved in this project. However, you should also be ready for the unexpected.

A piece of great advice is to ask for consulting from a team of professionals with experience. They will know how to establish a complete product launch plan with a communications schedule.

This nourishes all members of the project launch team with a precise understanding of the scope, timing, and implementation of the process.

4. Design a Documentation Plan

A customer-focused documentation plan is the most efficient way for technical documentation managers to control costs and lead to a successful launch. The purposes of this plan are:

  • allowing each assignment to be commissioned appropriately
  • enabling proper use of resources
  • sharing customer documentation performance strategy with the engineering, marketing, and implementation teams
  • following product development progress and modifying the documentation plan as needed

As we mentioned above, accurately assessing customer needs drives more successful product innovation with better outcomes.

Others suggest that incorrect pricing, fixing non-existing problems, poor accuracy behind sales and marketing planning, and proper execution are essential factors in new product launch success or failure.

Now you know what makes a successful medical product, the only thing left to do is to contact Tijuana EDC to determine what you need and what is best for you and your company.

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