4th Borderless Business Congress

The benefits of the Binational ecosystem for the Life Sciences industry

The Binational region of California and Baja California makes it a good place for the future of the Life Sciences industry to start a hub of BioMed-Tech development.
Main topics

The Binational region of California and Baja California has a long representation of success in the electronics industry, making it a good place for the future of the Life Sciences industry to start a hub of BioMed-Tech development.

For more than 50 years of constant development and evolution creating one successful business case after another, San Diego-Tijuana has been recognized as one Binational economic development of the top five most dynamic ecosystems and key players in the successful impulse of California.

Combining medical, biology, and technological manufacturing it has been engineering a path into what is known as part of the Life Sciences industry. Anything that has to do with living organisms, can be studied, analyzed, and move towards obtaining a product for improving its life span or life quality thanks to the life science industry.

What can California and Baja California bring to the Life Sciences industry?

Here you can find a list of different perspectives on important trends that keep the region open to new business opportunities:

  • The talent pool capabilities
  • Funding the infrastructure
  • Supply base
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Areas of collaboration between business education government and social organizations

All of these circumstances provide benefits for companies too, not just for the region in question. Making sure the workforce has access to actualization programs in well-known universities, and a talented pool of interns being taught to be integrated into the workforce, among other location-centered circumstances.

About life sciences and the impact on human quality

Analyzing where we are at, helps to frame where we can move forward to become the biometric valley of the world to work within the life science industry. Therefore, in order to move towards the future of the Binational region, having the knowledge of how the life science industry operates, can give a better glance at the reason for the different important trends.

Life science companies develop lifesaving products, such as medicines, therapies, diagnostic tools, medical equipment, etc. There are also life sciences companies partnering up with OEMs when they want their finished product to be available worldwide. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) relationships enable companies to focus on their own strengths rather than having to spend time developing products for others.

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