Why Are Contract Manufacturers in Mexico the Best Companies?


Contract Manufacturers in Mexico are some of the most successful companies in the world. They provide specialized services for foreign investors, helping them decrease their production costs while providing quality and great results at the same time. But why is it exactly that they are the best companies in the world? Is it really like that? At Tijuana EDC, we are experts in and foreign investment and the manufacturing industry. We will give you the answers.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing is an industry model that manufactures part of the production or products for companies around the world. They are usually specialized in a specific technological or engineering procedure, or have the appropriate equipment to process raw materials and turn them into finished goods.

In Mexico, there are many companies that provide this service. Foreign investors outsource their production to get the many benefits of this industry, such as a low-cost but qualified workforce, promptness in delivery, exemption of taxes and duties, and more. These are the kind of features that make Mexico one of the top manufacturing destinies.

In addition, these benefits increase depending on the city in which the contract manufacturer is settled. In Tijuana, for example, the +100 contract manufacturing companies provide even greater benefits and economic saving for investors.

Manufacturing in Tijuana

why-are-contract-manufacturers-in-mexico-the-best-companiesWith a strategic location, Tijuana is a place that, without doubt, can be listed as one of the best industrial cities worldwide. Its shared border with San Diego facilitates communication and delivery of materials of products, improving the supply chain of companies in Mexico and in the U.S. Also, it is a city with industrial space and capacity, a very promising feature for companies that decide to take a look and see if they can settle here.

Among the services that Contract Manufacturing companies provide in Tijuana is prototyping, manual and mechanical assembly, sewing, metal mechanics, product integration, plastics and 3D printing, to mention a few. The industry keeps growing, and the outlook for investors is getting better, especially if they can no longer ignore the cost-saving opportunity that lies ahead when considering Tijuana.

Your company can be part of the best ones in the world. It is just a matter of planning, analyzing and getting proper advice. If you want to see if Tijuana is the perfect place for your contract manufacturing needs, contact us at Tijuana EDC. We will support you and share valuable information for your business project.