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3 ways of improving talent acquisition in any manufacturing industry

Every strategy for talent acquisition in manufacturing industries has shifted. Is there a way of helping your HR department get into a bigger talent pool? Tijuana EDC’s experience says yes, there is.
3 ways-of-improving-talent-acquisition-in-any-manufacturing-industry
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Every strategy for talent acquisition in manufacturing industries has shifted. But, of course, the manufacturing industry is already familiar with the ups and downs of the economy. Still, current pandemic events have made it urgent to look into different options for helping them reach company goals.

There are ways manufacturers can help their recruiters in the challenges of needing highly-experienced workers combined with technical skills, while other companies also are competing in an already limited talent pool.

Sourcing, engaging, and hiring quality talent in a trusted ecosystem

The best way of improving the hiring process for your candidate is by considering the candidate’s experience. What can you do to improve it, even if the manufacturing industry can be a tight space for sharing information?

Here are 3 ways of appealing to job seekers to consider working in your company:

3 ways-of-improving-talent-acquisition-in-any-manufacturing-industry

1. Create a good research job description
A job description should be concise yet detailed enough to attract qualified candidates. Include education, skills, certifications, and relevant work history or achievements. Still, everything can go wrong if a detail doesn’t make sense in the description, for example, years of experience on a program that only has months of existing or knowledge on a discovery desired in the company’s lab.

2. Talk to the marketing team about using social media to highlight your company’s culture
Social media is an excellent tool for showcasing your company’s culture and values. By sharing images of your office space, team members, and events that reinforce these qualities can help your talent acquisition strategy if handled well.

3. Listen to feedback opportunities inside and out of the office
Know your current employees’ feedback about what type of team member they need. Listening to the team’s needs can give a glimpse of the options your department could open for your Human Resources team to thrive. So, why would there be a need to listen to feedback outside of the office? Other companies have reached third-party agencies to support their business on this task, and you could do it too.

Consider getting into Tijuana’s talent pool

At Tijuana EDC, we have guided many investors in reaching their companies’ goals in any of their challenges. In addition, we are the only organization IEDC-AEDO accredited as a professional Economic Development Organization in Mexico, making us a trusted source of information and alliances for business development.

We have seen Tijuana as a city integrated into a Binational Region, providing an interrelation with San Diego, California, which affects medium and long-term economic development on both sides of the border. Investing in Baja California has the geographical benefits to maintain an international relationship.

Therefore, the option of getting into the region is not only for manufacturing logistic strategies but also an opportunity to get close contact with the talent pool. If you have any questions on how this works,get in touch with our team, and we will be happy to assist your questions on the subject.

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