4th Borderless Business Congress

Operational Excellence in Baja California

The manufacturing industry has countless resources and advantages specific to the state of Baja California, which helps the “maquilas” that operate within it to be internationally competitive. This is largely due to the wide range of suppliers and the ease of transportation and export to the United States market by land and to the rest of the world by sea from the Ensenada port. Together, these characteristics make the region connected to different markets, allowing a privileged flow between the supply of materials, quality production, and distribution (Lead Time).

The variety of product and service providers located in this area represents one of the main attractions of operating in Baja California. As the main source of surplus value, it’s common to find that companies have qualified professionals and certifications in their respective areas and that they operate together with others that require a high degree of quality.

This quality level is stimulated by the ease of movement of products in the supply chain, thanks to programs that expedite exports by land and sea, and the relationship between local companies working together.


‘Benchmarking’ is an important practice that has been promoted in the region, with the aim of comparing some processes or practices between companies, identifying improvements, and adapting them to their companies. It’s based on analyzing the competitor’s most redeemable and successful practices and applying what has been learned, adjusting it to the characteristics or circumstances of each business. This activity is a chain of support between companies that promote continuous improvement.

It’s surprising the openness and interest that companies have in improving, learning, and sharing their progress and best practices with others. This raises the productivity level of companies and, as a result, the region to stimulates healthy coexistence and the development of a center of operational excellence with global reach.

Global competitiveness puts enormous pressure on price, quality, and responsiveness to customer demand. Our region has privileged characteristics that allow us to optimize costs, manufacture high-quality products and be highly productive. All of this plays a key role in operational excellence.

Due to all the above, in the eyes of foreign and domestic investors, Baja California is highly attractive as an operating niche. The variety of qualified suppliers with quality products, the geographical location, and the group of highly trained professionals, make up the perfect trifecta towards operational excellence that dominates the region.

Katia Díaz de Bustamante
Lean Specialist at Grupo Consultor EFE